Simplifying international trade using AI & Human Centered Design

Trade is complex.
We bring you peace.

A typical trade transaction requires the exchange of 240 copies of 36 documents with 200 data elements distributed among 30 parties. It can cost 80,000 USD per transaction and take up to 2-3 months to process. But it doesn't have to be that complicated. Our digital platform seamlessly handles the complexity of international trade transactions so you can focus on what really matters - serving your customers, peacefully.

End-to-end trade management services for companies of all sizes

We are an AI powered trade tech company dedicated to simplifying the process of international trade using Human-Centered Design. We focus on

  • Digital Trade
  • Transaction Workflow
  • Curated Trade-related
  • Supercharged Trading
    Using AI

By bringing Experiential Learning into an online trading platform, we wish to unlock billions of dollars in global trade that are otherwise stuck because it feels "too complex", "time consuming,” or "lacks clarity in the process". We follow internationally recognized global rules, guidelines, and standards.

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